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ABU DBS 2016 Booth #49 & 50

Until recently, a viewer had to use a personal computer or laptop to watch online services such as catch-up TV or movies on demand. Now, with Connected TV, it is possible to access content from the comfort of your sofa and watch your favourite shows on television.

The last few years have seen an increase in media industry activities around Connected TV due to its growing demand among audiences. Content owners, broadcasters and technology providers are working together to find business models that will make Connected TV commercially viable and change the way we consume radio and television content.

The ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2016 aims to stimulate thinking among delegates on the business and technology strategies that will safeguard and grow radio and television services in the highly competitive connected era and discuss the roadmap for providing effective integrated services to audiences. 

The three-day event will address the multiplatform delivery of radio and TV in the future, the software defined platforms, networks and services, the transformation in the broadcasting field, the immersive audio and television experiences, the emergence of OTT as a pay and FTA service and on how should the broadcasters embrace the ‘digital-first’ mind-set of younger audiences.

Ideal Systems will be exhibiting a double booth (#49 & 50) at ABU DBS 2016 at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur.

Booth Location – Ideal Systems Singapore

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Overview of Ideal Systems Exhibition

ABU DBS 2016 will see Ideal Systems showcase their new live video acquisition equipment rental service launched late 2015, Ideal-Live, a one-stop service enabling live video capture and real-time transmission for travelling crew members within the Asia Pacific region. The service removes the logistical complications and reduces the risk and cost associated with live video capture across regions within Asia Pacific. Be it major sporting events or live breaking news, Ideal Live is positioned to streamline and support video professionals all at a moment’s notice offering “ready-to-go” solutions for their live video capturing needs. Canadian manufacturer, Dejero, will be joining Ideal to discuss their suite of award-winning products including the Live+ Platform and bonded cellular technology in use within the Ideal Live rental service.

Ideal will feature iBroadcast, a flexible, comprehensive, scalable, end-to-end, multi-vendor Network Management System (NMS) that is capable of monitoring and controlling your entire broadcast platform. iBroadcast offers real-time control of your entire broadcast operation and is deployed in many of the world’s leading broadcasters as their primary hypervision system. With instant notification system alerts and powerful root cause analysis, iBroadcast will provide valuable insights into issues that may affect uptime and quality of service to customers.

Phabrix returns to ABU DBS with the official debut of their award-winning Qx for 4K/8K UHDTV in Asia Pacific. The Qx has already made headway in Europe and the US winning several “Best of Show” and “Game Changer” awards at both NAB and IBC and features the very latest in FPGA technology. Along with real-time eye display and a new intuitive user interface, the key differentiator is its ability to provide generation and analysis tools on signals with up to 48Gbps payloads offering video and audio support.

Additionally, digital workflow experts, Emotion Systems, will join Ideal’s booth to showcase their suite of audio tools for broadcast. Emotion provides scalable and automated file-based signal processing solutions to meet global compliance standards. The Emotion toolset is integrated into many of the world’s leading broadcast facilities and can adapt to changing requirements whilst running at speeds faster than real-time ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

Ideal-Live will make its debut at ABU DBS 2016. Before the Ideal Live service, crews travelling to and within the region had to pack their mobile transmitters, lose precious carry-on space to cables and extra batteries, and hope everything would get through customs. Then they would deal with multiple local cellular providers to get SIM cards. And then they'd have to install, activate, and test the cards before they could go live.

Ideal-Live rental enables live video acquisition solutions for travelling crewmembers within the Asia Pacific region removing the logistical complications of setting up each time. Canadian manufacturer, Dejero, will be joining Ideal to discuss their suite of award-winning products including the Live+ Platform and bonded cellular technology in use within the Ideal Live rental service. The LIVE+ platform intelligently enables users to Capture, Transmit, Manage and Distribute live video feeds in real time with reliability and resiliency.

The Ideal Live service offers compact and modular LIVE+ EnGo or ruggedized GoBox transmitters, with 6 SIM cards from multiple local mobile operators. The ability to bond up to eight network connections (including Wi-Fi and portable satellite) and select the desired latency ensures that you’ll get the reliable, broadcast-quality HD video that you’ve come to expect from Dejero. 

To make life even easier, rentals include the use of LIVE+ Broadcast Servers or Cloud Servers, and the ability to configure and manage everything through the web using LIVE+ Control. With a few clicks, you can see exactly where your transmitters and crews are located, monitor performance, and remotely control the transmitters.

Service Representative: Fintan McKiernan, CEO of Ideal Singapore
Product Representative: Arco Groenenberg, SVP Global Sales For Dejero


Astec Solutions is a leading supplier of integrated software solutions, delivering specialist monitoring and control systems to the satellite, terrestrial, IPTV, broadband and other broadcast sectors.

iBroadcast is a flexible, comprehensive, scalable, end-to-end, multi-vendor Network Management System (NMS) that is capable of monitoring and controlling your entire broadcast platform. This enables your operations teams to take timely, decisive action in response to issues that may affect service uptime or other operational performance.

It is able to control and monitor equipment from any vendor and provides real-time equipment status and alarms, trending, root cause analysis, alarm correlation, automation, equipment control, advanced workflow, web-based reporting and much, much more.

Across studios, MCRs, playout systems, glue, headends, uplinks, terrestrial transmitters, IT infrastructure, building management systems, etc. and many other third-party applications, iBroadcast is designed to be your single, consolidated, real-time operational dashboard and is trusted by the world’s leading broadcasters.

iBroadcast provides real-time alarms, trending, root cause analysis, equipment control, web-based reporting and off-air service monitoring. All of these features can be viewed through a single, consolidated, real-time operational dashboard so that you will be in complete control of your operation.


For the first time in Asia, the new Qx UHDTV 4K/8K makes its debut with Ideal Systems. Designed as a complete solution for testing the new UHDTV formats, the PHABRIX Qx features the very latest technology in a new ‘future-proof’ platform targeted at broadcasters and manufacturers looking for a comprehensive test and measurement solution. The key differentiator of this new instrument is its ability to provide simultaneous generation and analysis tools on signals with up to 48Gbps payloads offering both video and audio instrumentation.

Incorporating PHABRIX ‘real-time eye’ technology RTETM the 12G-SDI capable physical layer analysis tool-set enables comprehensive testing of both UHDTV1/4K and UHDTV2/8K infrastructures. Importantly the PHABRIX Qx can present automatic measurements for both overshoot and undershoot along with eye height, rise time and fall time - compulsory when verifying SMPTE compliance and a key differentiator with Qx technology. With an analogue front end bandwidth in excess of 30 GHz, the Qx is perfect for 12G-SDI eye and jitter testing.

The PHABRIX Qx supports both generation and analysis of UHDTV signals simultaneously - a must have for closed loop testing and a standard feature on the Qx. The low noise floor of the Qx generator sets a benchmark standard for quality testing of the new standards.

Product Representative: Paul Nicholls, Director at Phabrix Limited


The transition to a file-based workflow improves efficiency whilst simultaneously cutting down costs. Emotion Systems is a company specializing in signal processing solutions for file-based workflows. Providing a combination of efficiency, ease of use and engineering excellence, Emotion Systems enables its users to open a wide range of video and audio files as well as make the necessary measurements, adjustments and transcoding without conversion to baseband. Included in the list of supported file formats are: MXF, P2, LXF, QuickTime, WAV, AIFF and DPP; files with Dolby E are also supported.

eFF by Emotion Systems provides audio loudness compliance to a vast range of worldwide standards and can be used in multiple workflows including standalone, automatic watch folder and fully automatic through API integration.

Engine by Emotion Systems allows Automated File Based Audio workflows for Loudness, Dolby E Encoding and Decoding, Track replication and Track swapping. It is controlled by use of a ReSTful API and offers easy integration to popular MAM Systems.

Sky, Ericsson, NHK, Turner, Smoke & Mirrors, The Mill, Encompass, Arqiva and Dubsat make up just part of Emotion Systems expanding worldwide customer base. 


Bluefish444 is a manufacturer, developer and marketer of the industry’s highest quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. With an extensively developed SDK the Epoch | 4K Supernova, 4K Supernova S+, and the Epoch | 4K Neutron have become a staple in 4K workflows globally.

Bluefish444 bundle Fluid IngeSTore software with every model of video card allowing the ingest of multiple HD/SD SDI channels to uncompressed media or to Avid DNxHD media.

Bluefish444 video cards support industry standard applications from Adobe, Avid, Assimilate and many others creating award-winning feature films, commercials, music videos and live events worldwide. Bluefish444 video cards are incorporated into other manufacturer’s video servers, encoders, decoders and character generators via our extensive SDK.

Bluefish444 has developed a range of Synapse mini converters to allow conversions between HDMI, SDI and Analog video and audio signals to compliment the extensive range of high quality and cost effective video cards.

Product Representative: Tom Lithgow, Product Manager at Bluefish444


Viz One is a Media Asset Management system for broadcast and online. Viz One manages all your assets using - metadata, search, proxy-editing, load balancing, and integrations with all major systems. Staff can produce video files for broadcast and online in a seamless workflow – with access from their PC or Mac desktops. The system is in use for a wide variety of production types - including; news, sports, archive, online, promo, and program-preparation. Viz One's technology comes from more than 15 years of experience in the MAM industry and is used in more than 200 installations worldwide.

Product Representative: Rio Johannes, Technical Pre-sales (MAM-APAC) of Vizrt


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