Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ideal Systems at Broadcast Asia 2015

Sing Yee @ Booth 5F2-04

Full Live Sports &News Production Solution with Dejero and SoftCast

This booth demo will feature an integrated live SoftCast News Room System with a live camera feed using Dejero’s new LIVE+ EnGo compact mobile transmitter which provides an IP signal into SoftCast’s SC Censor for life feed content control, then to the SoftCast News NRCS system for broadcast. 

For the 1st time in Asia at Broadcast Asia, Ideal will show Dejero’s new LIVE+ EnGo transmitter which can be Camera-Mounted or Body-Worn to Deliver Outstanding HD Pictures With Extremely Low Latency, From Any Remote Location

Recently launched at NAB, Dejero’s LIVE+ EnGo is a compact camera-mounted or wearable transmitter for remote video acquisition. LIVE+ EnGo encodes H.264 video and transmits it over multiple IP networks to deliver exceptional picture quality with extremely low latency. Its modular design enables the attachment of swappable wireless modules to customize LIVE+ EnGo to the locally available wireless network infrastructure, and for use around the world.

This newest addition to Dejero’s LIVE+ Platform of easy-to-use mobile transmitters, servers, software, and cloud services, LIVE+ EnGo is the perfect solution for mobile video contribution professionals who require agility and versatility. It’s compact, modular, and simple to use, LIVE+ EnGo uses cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and portable satellite connectivity for reliable live broadcasts from virtually anywhere—even from a moving vehicle. The solution is ideal for newsgathering, sports coverage, and any type of remote live-event broadcasting.

Camera-mounted or body-worn, the LIVE+ EnGo frees the operator from worrying about cables to trip over, making it fast and easy to move to different locations. The unit can be connected to any SDI or HDMI camera, and with the push of a single button, the system immediately detects video input and format, as well as available network connections, enabling the operator to go live quickly. Its intuitive touch screen interface provides confidence monitoring, status information, and easy operation, and it facilitates separate initiation of live and record functions.

The LIVE+ EnGo can bond up to eight network connections including 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and portable satellite. The system’s high-performance wireless modules and dual-band MIMO integrated Wi-Fi capabilities ensure fast broadband connectivity.

Additional features include internal storage for up to 40 hours of HD recording, a display port video output, integrated Bluetooth connectivity, and external USB ports. The LIVE+ EnGo is powered from a single Gold Mount or V-mount video camera battery. It also includes an internal battery to power the camera and accessories, allowing the operator to hot swap the external battery.

Dejero’s newly introduced LIVE+ Control cloud management tool gives studio technicians the ability to geolocate, monitor performance, and remotely control a fleet of LIVE+ EnGo transmitters from any Web browser. They can also preview incoming feeds and route both live and recorded content to on-air playout and online distribution workflows.

SC-Censor & Delay  and SC –News NRCS

The on-booth demonstration will connect the live feed from the camera via Dejero’s LIVE+ EnGo to the SoftCast SC-Censor. The SoftCast SC-Censor solution allows for live feed content control and editing to ensure that no offensive or illegal content is accidently brought to air during live news casts.  The editor can predefine a delay, and make changes to the incoming program without affecting the news broadcast. The editor can remove, blur or cut any video or audio content that is not fit to air.  SC-Censor functions include “Follow my action” blur and video replace from a list of fillers and promos.
SC-Censor runs on a single Dell server form factor and the software supports either HD or SD operations, Graphics and logo overlay, on live pass through channels. SC-Censor supports 1+1 and N+M Backup as required for resiliency.

SC-Censor can also manage scheduled regional ad-insertion to control the switch from advertising breaks on the incoming program to the regional advertising

The SC-Censor system was recently purchased by GlobeCast in Singapore for content control on certain international live feeds.

In the booth demo the live signal is then passed from SC-Censor to SC- News. SC-News is the full News Room Computer Systems (NRCS) from SoftCast  which includes script and rundown editing system, agency wires management and RSS browsing, stories archiving and searching, exporting of contents using EDL to NLE software, provides integrated low-resolution (i.e. proxy) video browsing and supports MOS protocol and has a full integral MAM, Playout and Graphics systems.

SoftCast IP and 4K Playout

The SoftCast 4K system is based on a new 4K enabled version of SoftCast SC-Autoplay4K which supports multiple 4K-UHD formats and has been enhanced for high framerate and HDR files which are on the 4K roadmap. Ideal systems have been investing heavily into its SoftCast product division with special focus on 4K and IP playout.

Ideal will also be showcasing SoftCast’s SC-AutoPlayIP application for MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or H.264 IP Playout and Automation for reliable, and cost effective multichannel streaming Playout multiple IP formats with the capability to provide graphic overlays.

SC-AutoPlayIP was designed for high-performance mixed workflows. SC-AutoPlayIP not only supports DVB-IP input and output. It can support the SDI input with DVB-IP output or vice versa. This  incredibly provides the flexibility, and easy transition from baseband to IP source playout and easily additional options such as built in closed caption subtitling and the ability to feed the signal directly to encoders without having any baseband processing. This solution can even be run as a virtual machine including facilitating cloud playout.

Ideal will be teaming up with Arista on the SoftCast booth and showing the new Arista 7280se-64 IP (10/40/100 GbE) switch which is optimised for video in our SoftCast showcase.

This marks the starting point of SoftCast’s collaboration with Arista which will see SoftCast leveraging Arista’s Software Driven Cloud Networking (SDCN), for cloud based automation, MAM, and multiplatform playout solutions. SoftCast’s cloud services will be enabled with Arista’s EOS, the world’s most advanced network operating system will support  scaling of both performance and economics coupled with the recent trend in Software Driven Cloud Networking that delivers: network virtualization, custom programmability, simplified architectures, for broadcasters this will mean increased scalability and reliability while dramatically reducing CapEx.

Some of the advantages that the SoftCast ecosystem can leverage using the new Arista 7280E include:
  • Improved performance of bandwidth intensive applications found in High Performance Storage and streaming video systems
  • Ultra deep buffers and VOQ for lossless performance in demanding environments where congestion and large flows are present - as in Big Data environments or Media and Entertainment
  • Wirespeed VXLAN expanding next generation virtualized datacentres
  • Integrated SSD storage allows for unique extensibility abilities, traffic monitoring and Software Defined Networking applications
  • Hardware assisted Precision Time Protocol (PTP) enables accurate timing solutions across Ethernet based networks without costly investments in deploying separate timing networks.

Also on the SoftCast booth we will show a new product from Qualstar, the Q1 Single LTO Tape Mini Archive.

   The Qualstar Q1 is a standalone single tape LTO-6 solution for transfer and archive of data. It can automatically transfer your digitized data in the field to LTFS formatted LTO6 tapes for interchange with your main digital repository. This rugged system is designed to be used in the field to offload data from various sources or devices for consolidation and backup.

After initial set up the software supports automatic duplication and verification of data from your selected sources, data may be sent to the Q1 over the network or from devices connected directly to it via USB or eSATA. The media reader supports copying data from various forms of memory cards.

   Key points

  • ·   The Q1 attaches to any system, PC or Mac.

  • ·   Non-proprietary LTFS format allows reading of data by any other LTFS compatible devices.

  • ·   Set up the automatic off-load process from your PC or Mac. Once the desired source and destinations are selected, the rest is totally automatic.

  • ·   Off-load multiple media types from any device connected to the Q1 high performance ports including; 4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 and eSATA.

  • ·   Files may be sent to the Q1 from PC or Mac systems connected to the Q1 over the network

Ideal Systems will also be co-exhibiting with Astec Solutions showcasing iBroadcast Network Management System

Chris Barlow @ Booth 5E1-02

iBroadcast is a comprehensive, end to end, multi-vendor Network Management System for broadcast platforms, enabling operations teams to take rapid action in response to any issues that might affect uptime. It provides a single, consolidated operational dashboard and aggregates data from any device or system from any vendor through an extensive library of free drivers already developed for a wide variety of broadcast equipment.

Providing real-time equipment status and alarms, the system offers root cause analysis, trending, alarm correlation and equipment control. It enables web-based reporting, off-air service monitoring and also extend to uplinks, transmitters, IT infrastructure and building management systems.

A unique feature of the iBroadcast Network Management System is the ability for end-users to maintain control of their systems and future expansion of their operations, greatly reducing the overall total cost of ownership. We recognise that broadcast operations are extremely dynamic and equipment and systems are in a constant state of flux and it is our aim to empower our customers by providing a solution that can meet their needs now and into the future in the most cost-effective way.

Ideal Systems Partners @ Broadcast Asia

Mark Moore @ Booth 5G2-04

At Broadcast Asia 2015, Evertz will be highlighting their “Real. Delivered.” Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solution. With Evertz MAGNUM as orchestration and control to manage their core 10/100GE products, the globally deployed SDVN solution provides a scalable, flexible, and format agnostic infrastructure that leads the industry today. SDVN prepares facilities for new HD/SD services as well as Ultra HD 4K and 8K. SDVN also enables facilities become more “virtual”. To highlight this capability, Evertz will introduce its virtual playout solution that includes OvertureRT LIVE-VM (OVRT-LIVE-VM) virtual machine platform and Mediator at Broadcast Asia.

Evertz will highlight new products in its infrastructure product line. Evertz new EQX10 will make its debut at Broadcast Asia. The 180x180 3G/HD/SD-SDI router provides a cost-effective way to transition from SDI to IP. Also, showcased will be Evertz new 7881IRD, a next-gen professional Integrated Receiver Decoder platform.

For production applications, Evertz will demonstrate DreamCatcher, the company’s award-winning IP-based replay system and production suite. Evertz has made significant advancements to DreamCatcher which now features advanced editing tools to streamline workflow for publishing content to the web. New DreamCatcher features also include support for three channels of Ultra HD (4K) in a single 3RU chassis and high frame rate cameras.

Ideal Systems Partners @ Broadcast Asia

Erik Otto @ Booth 5A8-07

Mediaproxy Pty. Ltd., the global leader for broadcast compliance logging, content monitoring and transport stream analysis will showcase a comprehensive update to its LogServer suite of products at Broadcast Asia 2015, including the new LogServer Access product, brand new SDI platform, optical character recognition, ASI Streamer, and numerous enhancements across the entire product range and user interfaces.

A new addition to the LogServer suite of products, LogServer Access offers customers a highly cost-effective product for disaster recovery, remote backup as well as access to all recorded media content and meta-data via the leading edge LogPlayer user interface. Scalable to hundreds of channels on a single server, LogServer Access provides transparent access to assets from other LogServers systems. LogServer Access provides full redundancy without the high cost of doubling up on hardware and software and opening up new workflows across local and external networks.

Also now shipping is Mediaproxy’s brand new ultra high-density 21 input HD-SDI server platform in a single 2RU form factor. The new highly power efficient platform offers unprecedented scalability for HD-SDI based LogServer systems.
 A total of 21 inputs are now supported in a single 2RU LogServer platform, drastically reducing cost for expanding environments. The new platform is shipping now and available for all LogServer Baseband systems.

In addition to comprehensive enhancements across the entire suite of products, the latest version of LogServer now also includes optical character recognition for automatic conversion of subtitles to searchable text within the LogPlayer user interfaces.

Ideal Systems Partners @ Broadcast Asia

Paul Nicholls @ Booth 5E2-01

PHABRIX will be displaying its new PHABRIX Qx test and measurement solution for 4K
UHDTV1 and UHDTV2 at Broadcast Asia in June this year on the British Pavilion 5E2-01 at the Marina Sands Bay Hotel Singapore. The world’s first multi rate eye and jitter solution for 12/6/3 Gbps has been positioned to provide an advanced test solution for manufacturers. The Qx supports both video and audio and up to a staggering 48 Gbps payload both as optical and coaxial. The 10 Gbps Ethernet SFP support will in future provide SMPTE 2022-6 on this new platform as development continues.

As well as state of the art technology, PHABRIX will be showing its new A/V toolset now standard for all its Sx hand held range of products including the analogue, SDI and optical TAG. The PHABRIX SxE with its portable eye and jitter toolset containing the most powerful on-board generator in its class, continues to win over engineers globally as a combined generator, analyzer and monitor at SD-SDI HD-SDI and 3G-SDI formats as standard.

The PHABRIX Rx rack mount series has also received a significant feature boost at Broadcast Asia adding advanced audio instruments to its considerable video instrument toolset making it a perfect single box solution for QC in broadcasters who are installing the Rx increasingly in place of a two vendor solution. The PHABRIX Rx is also found in many OB truck fleets and engineering bays due to the 1920 x 1080 HDMI or SDI output and the ability to view 16 instruments simultaneously on screen. The range consists of the 1U Rx1000 and half rack Rx500 rasterizers up to the 2U Rx2000 which has two integral screen and built in high dynamic range speakers for audio monitoring.

New toolsets as standard on the PHABRIX Rx rack mount including multi video frame grab, AFD/WSS/VI and V-chip indication, Loudness including Loudness on Dolby decode programs, closed caption 608/708 OP47, audio mix-down, system time by NTP, AV delay test and tone with delay check, GPIO preset select and output on error, Dolby generator, video clip play out, on-screen gamut indication and dual Dolby decode module.

Paul Nicholls, sales and marketing director commented, ‘Broadcast Asia is set to be the perfect show this year for us. We will be displaying great new technology for 4K/8K UHDTV1 and UHDTV2 on the stand and we have upgraded our existing range with enhancements on every product. PHABRIX continues to grow and more than ever Broadcast Asia is the perfect chance to meet up with our loyal customers to thank them for their support’