Thursday, 26 February 2015

Ideal Systems at ABU 2015

First time in Asia.  Dejero LIVE+ Platform and Bonded Cellular Solution 

The LIVE+ Platform from Dejero is a suite of multi award winning products and applications for Mobile News Crews, New Vehicles, Video Journalists, Sports Broadcasting and live streaming. The LIVE+ Platform simplifies the acquisition and broadcast of live video on-air and online through a broad range of traditional and emerging uplink solutions. The platform, including portable transmitters and software for laptops and smartphones, intelligently manages or bonds wireless connections (3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, microwave, and satellite) to deliver optimal picture quality. In addition, customers are able to centrally monitor and manage Dejero devices and live feeds in the cloud for streamlined content delivery and enhanced operational efficiency.

Dejero is privately held and based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and is partnering with Ideal Systems exclusively for Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong-Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia.

Arco Groenenberg – Senior VP of Global Sales will be attending in Kuala Lumpur from Canada with the first Dejero Mobile Transmitter + a Mobile App in Asia and will be demonstrating the Live + Portal for management of feeds, content routing, remote control, analytics & Geolocation

First time in Asia.  iBroadcast Network Management System.

iBroadcast is a comprehensive, end to end, multi-vendor Network Management System for broadcast platforms, enabling operations teams to take rapid action in response to any issues that might affect uptime. It provides a single, consolidated operational dashboard and aggregates data from any device or system from any vendor through an extensive library of free drivers already developed for a wide variety of broadcast equipment.

Providing real-time equipment status and alarms, the system offers root cause analysis, trending, alarm correlation and equipment control. It enables web-based reporting, off-air service monitoring and also extend to uplinks, transmitters, IT infrastructure and building management systems.

A unique feature of the iBroadcast Network Management System is the ability for end-users to maintain control of their systems and future expansion of their operations, greatly reducing the overall total cost of ownership. We recognise that broadcast operations are extremely dynamic and equipment and systems are in a constant state of flux and it is our aim to empower our customers by providing a solution that can meet their needs now and into the future in the most cost-effective way.

Chris Barlow, Technical Director of Astec and Product Manager for iBroadcast will come to KL from the UK and will be demonstrating a fully-operational iBroadcast system and showing why it is the most flexible, configurable and cost-effective Network Management System for broadcasting.

New from PHABRIX and preview some of some forthcoming NAB releases.

Paul Nicholls, Sales and Marketing director  PHABRIX UK will be demonstrating, the award winning hand held Phabrix Sx models alongside the revolutionary multi instrument Rx rack mount range.

The new Rx is available in three chassis types, the 2U Rx 2000 with dual integrated screens and the 1U Rx 1000 and the half rack 1U Rx 500. Each chassis displays instruments via SDI or usefully by HDMI at 1920 x 1080 resolution. The ability to display up to 20 instruments simultaneously on each of the 4 channel inputs has not gone unnoticed by many of the world’s biggest broadcast networks as a QC solution. The unique ability to link each of the Rx’s via simple KVM allows the hardware to stay in the engineering bay and each Rx is routed by keyboard and mouse to multiple engineers.

The new features on show at ABU include several additional toolsets to enhance the already extensive support for both video and audio providing a ‘one box’ solution in a cost effective package.

Dolby decode and metadata reporting has been enhanced to include Dolby E, Dolby D and Dolby D plus. It is however in the handling of multiple audio channels where the Rx becomes a show stopper. The new audio mix down instrument is available to quickly identify audio routing from embedded, AES and Dolby sources. The user can select L and R channel sources or mute channels if required to identify audio at any time. The new Loudness instrumentation which is included as standard, supports single channel logging but can be extended to four channel with the addition of an option code.

The video analysis and generator toolsets have also seen significant additions. The on board generator now provides direct system timing adjustment, useful when you have a four channel system. Frame grab has been included which can be both manual and fault triggered to disk for analysis. At any time the video frames saved can be recalled and used via the generator. The picture view too has new on screen display of AFD, V chip indication, closed caption 608/708 and WST teletext. With a single mouse click the system provides full native resolution view or selection via 99 presets to a pre saved selection of instruments giving the engineer a single point of quality control within any application. The Rx also supports up to four channels via fibre network through its SFP cage inclusion as part of the standard build.

The Sx range hand held is also on display. The PHABRIX SxE with its on board eye and jitter toolsets continues to succeed with its unrivalled multi format generator incorporated within the analyser and monitoring toolsets with full physical layer analysis. Over 5,000 units are now in daily use across the globe.

The hand held TAG with its SDI and analogue toolsets and fibre optic support has found a new following from many pro video engineers and has been further enhanced for both MSA and non MSA SFP support. As a cost effective entry into the market, it provides an engineer with a complete toolset for video and audio including Dolby metadata analysis.

On the booth at ABU Ideal Systems will showcase some of the latest technology from EVERTZ.

46Tb/s Switching Fabric

 Evertz' will be highlighting the EXE Video Switch Fabric featuring up to 46 Tb/s of switching capacity and 
supporting 2304 10GE ports per single 40RU chassis. To fill out the range, Evertz also offers the IPX series with 320Gbps up to 1.28 Tb/s switch capacity in compact modular form factors. Both EXE and IPX switch fabrics make the switching of video over Ethernet as reliable and deterministic as a traditional SDI router. 

IP Gateway Modules
Evertz' "top of rack" IP Gateway products provide simple migration from SDI to 10GE. The 570IPG and EQX-IP18-IPG along with the 3000REM provide a simple way to incorporate IP into any project where SDI is present.

10GE Multiviewer

Evertz introduces the new 3067VIP10G Advanced Multi-Image Display Processor, which leverages the industry standard MVP and VIP products, and adapts to the new 10GE core.

 SDVN Orchestration and Control
MAGNUM is an essential component of Evertz SDVN solution. It provides complete control of all video being delivered over an Ethernet infrastructure. Using traditional and advanced control surfaces, operators can route sources to destinations over IP in a deterministic fashion as reliably and confidently as they have using SDI.

Faster Than Real Time
For the first time in Asia Evertz will show its recently launched  LIVE-X Faster Than Real-Time architecture for VOD, Transcoding and Playlist Pre-Rendering Applications. The LIVE-X architecture is specifically designed to meet the high demand for content creators and distributors to cost effectively create, package and deliver an exponentially growing number of assets to an ever increasing number of delivery platforms and consumer devices. The LIVE-X architecture utilizes highly automated workflows, hyper accelerated rendering/transcoding technologies and Evertz SDVN 10GbE networks, to deliver increased operational efficiency and reduced time to market.

Mark Moore – Director of Sales will be attending in Kuala Lumpur from Canada with a hands-on demonstration of the latest Software Defined Video Networking touch screen control surface for routing video over IP.    

Idea will be showcasing the newly enlarged broadcast ecosystem from SoftCast.

SoftCast is a comprehensive suite of software products to operate and manage broadcast television channels. SoftCast has a number of modules that cover the following functionalities, Channel in Box, Traditional Automation, Hybrid Automation, Content Ingest, Content Playout in HD SDI and IP, CG Graphics, Media Asset Management, News Room Computer System, Live Feed Edit and Censorship, Broadcast Schedule Planning (Traffic), Broadcast Ad Sales. 

On the booth Ideal will be demonstrating SC-Censor, the SoftCast solution for content control and editing live programs during ingest and retransmission.  The editor can predefine a delay, and make changes to the incoming program without affecting Playout to air. The editor can work on remove, blur or cut any video or audio content that is not fit to air.  SC-Sensor functions include “Follow my action” blur and video replace from a list of fillers and promos.

SC-Censor runs on a single Dell server form factor and the software supports either HD or SD operations, Graphics and logo overlay, on live pass through channels. SC-Censor supports 1+1 and N+M Backup as required for resiliency.

SC-Censor can also manage scheduled regional ad-insertion to control the switch from advertising breaks on the incoming program to the regional advertising.

Also on the booth is SoftCast’s new SC-AutoPlayIP application for MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or H.264 IP Playout and Automation for reliable, and cost effective multichannel streaming Playout with the capability to provide graphic overlays.
SC-AutoPlayIP was designed for high-performance mixed workflows. 

SC-AutoPlayIP not only supports DVB-IP input and output. It can support the SDI input with DVB-IP output or vice versa. Which incredibly provides the flexibility, and easy transition from baseband to IP source playout. 

Key Features:
  • Sending SDP announcements using SAP
  • Support multicast and unicast
  • Auto select available NIC ports (next free port)
  • User input correction
  • Automatic SVC dependency layers count detection
  • Support RTMP for MP4 (AVC/AAC/MP3) ,FLV, and Adobe Flash streaming
  • RTSP Authorization and KeepAlive support