Friday, 13 February 2015

Evertz Technology Seminar In Singapore

Evertz Singapore Seminar 25th Feb 2015 @ Ideal Systems Singapore

Evertz Software Defined Video Networking
Evertz SDVN solutions offer the flexibility of IP with the reliability of baseband.

Leading the IP Revolution

As the industry migrates towards an IP-centric facility, Evertz' Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) allows content providers to seamlessly transition from SDI to IP without compromise. Leveraging Evertz high capacity switch fabrics (including EXE and/or 3080IPX) with Evertz MAGNUM unified control system, the SDVN solution can be applied throughout the facility for production, playout and WAN distribution. Evertz' SDVN offers broadcasters, content distributors and service providers a flexible, format agnostic and scalable infrastructure for SD, HD, 3G, and Ultra HD (4K and 8K) video

High Capacity Switch Fabrics

At the core of SDVN are Evertz high capacity switching fabrics including the 46Tb/s EXE and 3080IPX with up to 1.2Tb/s. Each provide non-blocking and high bandwidth switching of both uncompressed HD/SD-SDI video (over 10GbE) or compressed video (JPEG2000, H.264, or MPEG-2). Both switching fabrics provide low-latency and reliable switching designed to meet the requirements of any live production environment.

Orchestration & Control

For SDVN orchestration and control, Evertz has extended MAGNUM's capabilities to interact with the 10GbE EXE or IPX Switch Fabric as a video router. Evertz MAGNUM control system turns the Ethernet based switch into a virtual video router, offering operations the same exceptional level of control they have come to expect from a traditional SDI router

Flexible & Reliable Control Surfaces

Operations can seamlessly migrate from an SDI facility to a 10GE facility without replacing their existing Evertz control system. All of Evertz standard control surfaces are still used to control signal routing over 10GE, including smart panels and control surfaces like VUE which now offer new features for SDVN control.

Using Evertz SDVN

Evertz' SDVN offers content creators, distributors and providers the ability to streamline workflows. Leveraging the scalability and flexibility of the SDVN architecture, Evertz is able to simplify and optimize the management and delivery of video and data over an IP infrastructure. Evertz SDVN can be applied within facilities (for live production and playout), between facilities (as WAN interconnect) or for general transport of video, audio and data

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With 2304 10GE ports, the EXE provides unmatched flexibility and scalability for video transport over IP. Using SMPTE 2022-6, the EXE non-blocking switch fabric supports up to 13,800 uncompressed HD-SDI signals. When compression technology (JPEG2000, H.264, or MPEG-2) is utilized, the number of video stream can reach in the millions

The 10/100GbE Facility

Evertz' SDVN architecture is developed around a 10/100Gbps Ethernet core to offer a flexible format agnostic infrastructure that easily supports Ultra HD 4K and 8K video. The 10/100GbE Facility consists of:

  • MAGNUM for SDVN Orchestration and Control
  • EXE and 3080IPX as high capacity switching fabrics from 320Gb/s to 46Tb/s
  • IP Gateway Modules to bridge SDI, ASI and IP workflows
  • Pooled Resources to provide video and audio processing services found in traditional SDI facilities

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Mo Goyal will be presenting 

Mo Goyal, Director, Product Marketing. Has been with Evertz since 2005, with roles that include Product Manager, Modular Products and Master Control and Branding. Prior to Evertz, previous work experience includes: software for small to mid-size IP data routers, IPv6 forwading engine for 10Gb network processor, and introducing Ethernet services on optical transport products. Graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from McMaster and has been a member of Professional Engineer of Ontario since 1996.