Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ideal Systems At Broadcast Asia 2013

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Ideal Singapore Broadcast Asia 2013

 Booth Overview

From Evertz With Whom We Are Co-Exhibiting

Sports Action Replay Revolutionized 
with Dreamcatcher

Showcasing Evertz new live replay system for 4K/3G/HD/SD. Dreamcatcher, winner of Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit 2013 award, is the next generation replay system. Dreamcatcher is a highly scalable and flexible system architecture. It’s control interface is based on Evertz VUE intuitive touchscreen interface that allows for customizable work surfaces and more efficient workflows.

Playout and Content Management Solutions

Showcasing Evertz 3-Screen solution for the playout facilities.  The 3-Screen solution integrates Mediator, VUE, and VistaLINK into comprehensive control and monitoring system for multi-channel playout facilities. The 3-Screen solution takes the complexity of the broadcast chain and simplifies it for operations teams.

Compression and Media Transport Solutions

Showcasing latest Evertz JPEG2000 contribution encoders with 3080IPX for media transport over 10GbE for customers looking for solutions for remote Ultra HD (4K) production applications.   In addition, for distribution applications, Evertz’ 3480MXP will be demonstrated for high quality main and multi-screen delivery using H.264/MPEG-2.  


Network Monitoring and Infrastructure Solutions

Showcasing VUE and VistaLINK which provides a user friendly and ease to use system for complete end-to-end monitoring.  VUE, is a customizable touch screen user-interface and near-field monitoring that allows operators to focus on the task at hand in any production or playout environment.  VistaLINK is a network management system that provides complete monitoring using SNMP with advanced root cause analysis and intelligent fault resolution.  We will also be showcasing Evertz new Ultra HD (4K) products for facilities looking to go beyond HD.


Showcasing Yapku’s digital ingest and archiving services featuring videotape cleaning, 
and repair, highly automated ingest, transcode and QC services. Yapku's file delivery service pop! will also be on display that allows the secure delivery of large files and metadata across the internet and offers a range of on site or private hardware solutions.


Showcasing 4K and real-time H.265 encoding 
  • Bring your content to Elemental on the Ideal booth on USB
  • Don’t have content? Borrow some of ours!
  • Watch the real-time H.265 encoding
  • See high quality output on tablets and 1080p TV


Blue Lucy Media

Cost effective broadcast quality ingest equipment and solutions

At Broadcast Asia this year Blue Lucy Media is launching an all-new browser based user interface to the Blue Lucy Asset Manager (BLAM) and the other BLM Service components. Simplicity and accessibility are core values of BLM and the browser interface means that BLM tool set is more accessible than ever – globally if necessary.  All operations from ingest, through sub-clipping to layback can now be managed through the browser interface which may also be customised to meet specific operations or workflows. 



Launching a New Version of XenData6 Workstation Software Adds Support for LTO-6 and LTFS

XenData6 Workstation software provides an easy-to-use and affordable way to manage an LTO tape drive on a Windows 7 workstation. Archive and restore operations are always performed with Windows Explorer using drag and drop or copy and paste. The software is ideal for data wrangling applications or to create a managed offline LTO archive. There is LTO cartridge interchangeability between XenData6 Workstation and XenData6  Server systems which means that XenData6 Workstation software may be used to create LTO cartridges that will eventually be imported into a server system. Alternatively, a XenData6 Workstation system can be used at a DR site to restore cartridges originally written on a server system.


Air Craft Baggage Shippable, Portable, Light-Weight Satellite Antenna Solution for Satellite News Gathering (SNG)

Showcasing ATCi’s portable satellite antenna for mobile deployment, this two piece precision molded reflector and the Aluminum tripod is sturdy and easy to assemble. With all captive hardware, the complete antenna can be assembled and deployed in 5-10 minutes by one person without any tools.


Showcasing Award winning handheld and rack mount multi-standard video test signal generators, analyzers and monitors