Sunday, 23 September 2012

PART 2 September 25th

File Based Workflow with Evertz Mediator and Playtime. 

Also including Archive Management with XenData
and LTO Storage with Qualstar

Mediator is a high performance platform for media asset management and workflow.  Mediator offers greater efficiency in multi-channel, multi-platform and multi-site broadcast by unifying workflow and operations under a single enterprise.

Mediator integrates tape library management, ingest, workflow, post-production, transfer management, automation and playout to provide end-to-end web-based desktop operation and browse. Mediator can process any material by transcoding and rewrapping files as part of the process, ensuring that the right format is delivered to the right channel at the right time.

All user interfaces are presented in standard Web browsers for simple deployment to the office desktops.   All desktops are enabled with powerful search and browse tools to all maximum availability of media and metadata to every user.

Sep 25th 2:00pm -5.30pm

Nigel Haycock

Coming from a range of media related industries, Nigel joined Pharos Communications (now a part of Evertz) over 10 years ago and is a specialist in file-based workflows, media asset management and automation processes.  As a Solutions Architect within the Evertz file-based solutions team he is responsible for designing Mediator systems and providing technical documentation backup for the sales and project teams.

XenData develops software and solutions for digital video archiving to LTO data tape. XenData archiving solutions scale to multiple petabytes and in all cases provide a standard file system interface for universal integration. Leading organizations in broadcast and post production use XenData software for managing their archived digital video assets.

The RLS-8500 Series delivers superior performance, value and capacities up to 171 terabytes (native) in just 10U of rack space.  Using typical data compression ratios, capacity can exceed 342 terabytes.

Capacity to Grow as Data Explodes

The RLS-8560 model contains 54 data cartridge storage slots and four I/O slots. Installing a second, optional storage matrix into the RLS-8560 adds 60 slots, more than doubling its capacity. The expansion option can be easily installed by users in just a few minutes.  The RLS-85120 model houses 114 data slots and one or two 4-slot I/O ports.  Up to five LTO 5 SAS or fibre channel tape drives can be installed to deliver aggregate data transfer rates exceeding five terabytes per hour.