Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Booth Technologies- Broadcast Asia 2012

OTT – Solutions from Irdeto

Today’s media consumers expect to be able to get access to the content they want, when they want, on any media-enabled device they own. At the same time, consumers increasingly have access to high-speed, high-quality broadband connectivity in many markets around the world. This trend combined with the fact that more and more devices are network-enabled presents a tremendous opportunity for a new class of “over the-top” content providers, such as Netflix and LOVEFiLM, who offer a huge content library over the 

Internet that is easy to enjoy on virtually any device at home or on the go. The Irdeto Broadband for OTT solution is for content rights holders and aggregators who wish to offer premium longform and short-form content, such as movies and TV episodes, over the Internet to consumers. Irdeto has helped OTT content providers build innovative, user-friendly and revenue-generating services using the solution to reach a wide range of audiences, including not only the Internet savvy generation but also traditional broadcast-TV subscribers with limited Internet experience. A well designed service can become a primary content source for consumers both at home or on the go, replacing their broadcast pay-TV subscriptions in some cases.

Key Benefits

- Create innovative services on a variety of broadband connected devices, including:

- Connected TV

- IP set-top box

- Hybrid set-top box, available via a pay-TV operator, OTT content provider or retail market

- Mobile device, such as iPhone and smartphone

- Tablet device, such as iPad

- PC and Mac

- Game console

- Android devices

- Create a “Media Hub” to publish and secure premium content to broadband-connected consumers

- Easily and quickly set up and launch new services with the pre-integrated solution

Moving to the Cloud – Solutions from Aspera

Aspera will showcase its latest high-speed transfer and workflow management software solutions for digital media, including the new Aspera Shares and the next-generation Aspera faspex Server with mobile, email, and desktop clients for secure, universal media access and ultra-fast delivery.

Bridging on-premise and cloud deployments for large digital media, Aspera will highlight its Direct-to-S3 software for seamless, high-speed and secure transfer of file-based content at any global distance through the innovative combination of Aspera’s patented fasp™ transport technology and cloud-based “object” storage systems such as Amazon Web Services S3. Aspera’s entire industry-standard product line is now enabled with this new capability for high-speed data access in public and private cloud environments and, with Amazon Web Services, will be showing the efficient, large-scale workflows that are now possible.

iPad  – 2nd Screen Applications from Civolution

Civolution Audio and video watermarking

Digital watermarking embeds indelible and imperceptible data - the "payload"- into a media asset to give it a persistent identity. This data can later be extracted and interpreted by devices to identify, manage or monetize the asset.
Civolution’s state-of-the-art content identification platform allows broadcasters, content producers and interactive application providers to offer time-synchronized-to media applications such as ad-(re)placement, live voting and content-related overlays. Based on Civolution’s powerful watermarking and fingerprinting technologies, it allows for accurate and rapid synchronization of interactive content.

SyncNow - Smart TV Integrated application in connected media devices such as smart TVs. It allows content (re)placement or precise triggering of events based on the identification of viewed content. Triggered events are transparent to any type of distribution or time shift.

SyncNow - 2nd Screen allows for the automatic identification of the TV channel being watched and the content being played. Upon identification, it enables accurate time synchronization between content played on TV and mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. The real-time interactivity automatically handles distribution delays and supports time-shifted viewing.

Content triggering service by SyncNow – Smart Services: provides real-time recognition of broadcast content such as advertisements, movies, TV series, music, and more. By automatically notifying application providers of what content is airing on which channel, the service allows for the synchronization of value-added functionality such as content-specific background information, hyperlinks, and synchronized social newsfeeds, all within the developer’s second-screen or smart TV applications

Civolution 2nd Screen App Features:

• Program information
• Cast information
• Twitter feeds
• Closed captioning (link to wiki, photos, webshop)
• Ad triggering
• Interactive quizzes
• Live maps
• Live poll
• Live usage stats
• Distributed via Civolution in-house app store
• Private distribution

Civolution Technology, How does it work?

• Audio Watermarking: Synchronization and Identification

• Each identification provides asset /channel ID information and

time synchronization information

• Time to sync; ~ 5 seconds

• Accuracy: < 1 second

• Customizable watermark payload

• Embedding: Software and Hardware (live streams)

• Detecting: API/libs for iOs, Android and Windows

Launching the new cloud based media services from Yapku

Yapku Digi

Unlocking the hidden value in your tape library in the multiscreen age is a new revenue stream that many content owners are discovering. Whether it’s digitising your back catalogue to open up new market opportunities, digital archiving and preservation or simply ingesting for regular delivery of promos and programs, Yapku Digi is the answer. Broadcast quality all the way, Yapku Digi takes your content off tape and gets it moving.

With a highly automated workflow, on-the-fly QC checking and the ability to deliver files and metadata in any format, Yapku Digi has been designed to quickly and efficiently get your content off tape and into the file-based domain. At its core, Yapku Digi uses Amberfin Ingest, QC and transcoding tools to guarantee that the files we deliver are top quality compatible media, ready to play. Our high levels of automation and robotic tape handling allow us to offer market beating quality at a market beating price.


o Standard compliant encoding and file wrapping
o Dual deliver of Hires and browse media in one pass
o Aspect ratio and up / down conversion as required
o Detailed ingest QC reports delivered for each tape ingested
o Barcode support for pre barcoded tapes
o Metadata ingest and conversion to your required file delivery format.
o Integration with Yapku Transporter for high speed deliver of ingested files
o Comprehensive job tracking and reporting

Yapku Transport

Now that your content is in the file domain, your files need to get to their destination fast and efficiently. Yapku Transport delivers media and metadata to you, your whole company or the world - quickly and securely. Transport can also exchange media between our Store and Transform services getting your content where you need it, in exactly the format you require.

Yapku Transport is powered by Aspera Faspex, a name trusted by content producers and broadcasters the world over. With over 20 years’ experience in the broadcast game, the Yapku team know how media operations work. This experience has been wrapped into Transport’s clean and easy-to-use interface with rich user and workgroup management and a flexible metadata management system. As with the entire Yapku portal, Transport speaks your language with the full portal available in English, Chinese and Thai. We’re happy to add any language you need to make your staff feel at home with Transport.

Transporter is a fully integrated module of the Yapku Media Portal

Custom metadata template management 

Flexible workgroup management with each one having its own metadata template

Send files, directories or a mix of both. Perfect for sending project directories or referenced media files

Easy and flexible file downloading 

Industry trusted Aspera Fasp AES 128 bit encryption on all transfers

Shared key encryption available protecting your content both on disk and during transfer

Powerful workgroup management allows Transport to adapt to how you manage your operation.

Traffic & Billing – Broadview

Powerful, Flexible Traffic Tools

BroadView’s dynamic, real-time tools make it easy to create logs as far into the future as needed, then manage changes seamlessly through real-time avails and email notifications. With our integrated approach, a contract can contain air-time lines for multiple stations, non-traditional revenue, web, or multiplatform advertising, allowing your advertisers and agencies to receive a single contract and invoice. BroadView’s robust reporting tool allows you to automatically generate reports and email them or build custom reports; virtually any reporting requirement can be satisfied.

Dynamic Order Approvals. Customize approvals based on roles within your organization or for specific stations. Work is done in real-time, so stewardship or upfront business has an immediate impact on avails. Approval can be done from anywhere, even your smartphone.

Traffic Management. BroadView makes everyday traffic functions easier. Intelligent spot placement means that you have options to book spots by program type, or use different rules to ensure that spots are placed where your customers want them. Having a single point of entry for multi-platform or non-traditional revenue eliminates the need for additional software and BroadView’s email notifications ensures that changes are being sent to the right people. Copy can be managed from the simplest rotation to the most complicated using BroadView’s copy planning tool.

Real-Time Avails. With BroadView, avails are always up to date. The Avails Analysis tool has customizable views that let you see the impact of an order before it has been booked or see how it will impact your average unit rate. You can run avails as required and have them emailed directly to account executives or sales managers.

Revenue Analysis. BroadView gives you the power to analyse sales data across all your stations, by various categories or by time, unit, average unit rate, or even where ROS spots have plotted and their impact. You can generate revenue reports in Excel or PDF format, or schedule the system to generate the required reports regularly. Comparative or Pacing reports are easy to run, and because BroadView always maintains full history, you can run reports at any time, for any date range in the past.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable. BroadView provides the ability to invoice airtime, multiplatform, and non-airtime charges on the same invoice. Inherently multi-channel, a single invoice can include details for multiple stations. Deposits and adjustments are easily entered and tracked.

Multi-Channel Scalability

BroadView is designed with the needs of multichannel operations in mind. BroadView helps you work with any number of channels with features such as:

• Centralize traffic and accounting functions

• Sell ads for single stations or large corporate groups

• Generate electronic invoices

• Analyse sales by station, group, or division; by radio, television, or across the entire system; and, with roll-up tools included you have a seamless picture of your entire operation

• Generate detailed financial reports

• BroadView supports unlimited stations and users

• Open Architecture

• Fully integrated Workflow Engine allows for a dynamic and changing workflow in any business process, form based operation, approval process, or media workflow

• Open data model dynamically integrates BroadView data into other processes from
business, to web publishing, to external accounting systems

• Scalable and redundant three-tiered client/server approach

• Support for large distinct networks running BroadView directly or through Citrix or Terminal Server

Cameras ­– Ikegami

Exceptional HD picture quality, superior performance, and convenient features characterize the cost-effective products

Versatile HD Cameras
Ikegami's range of full-digital HD cameras are the choice of leading HD mobile production companies, TV stations, and studio operations around the world. Models include the HDK-79EC native multiformat HD CMOS portable field camera for use with fiber or triax camera cable and the cost-effective HDK-77EC native multiformat HD CMOS portable field camera designed to meet the demands of an increasingly varied HD market needing both 1080i and 720p HD. Both are configurable as "hard" studio or field cameras by using an Ikegami SE-79D System Expander. The 16-bit HDK-79EXIIIa, configurable for portable or "hard" field/studio camera use, also provides superb CCD imaging and optional multiformat HD output. 

Ikegami's long history of Emmy®-winning tapeless camcorder technology, is seen in the GFCam™ HDS-V10 HD camcorder for workflow-efficient tapeless ENG. Part of Ikegami's GFSeries product line, the HDS-V10 HD camcorder employs three 2/3-inch CCD sensors (selectable between native 1080i and native 720p) and uses MPEG-2 compression and the MXF file format for an open-codec HD/SD recording architecture compatible with Avid and other leading editing systems. The HDS-V10 uses GFPak Flash-RAM media at up to 128GB capacity with a convenient USB port for instant access from laptop or desktop editing systems. Users can also choose Ikegami's CF Adaptor loaded with off-the-shelf CompactFlash Type I media. The many advanced features of the HDS-V10 HD include Bluetooth for instant export of thumbnail clips directly to laptops for fast logging, metadata insertion, and other workflow advantages. 

Ikegami also offers a wide selection of HD POV "box" cameras for applications ranging from TV traffic-and-weather to "goalpost cams" to airborne videography. Products include the HDL-45E, a three-CCD 1080i camera delivering exceptional detail, sensitivity, and low-light performance. The HDL-45E features Ikegami's AVC (Automatic Video Level Control) and ATW (Auto Tracing White) image-processing features to compensate for light level and color-temperature changes. The HDL-50 is a multiformat POV camera utilizing the same CMOS sensors, image processing, and camera control panels as the HDK-79EC and HDK-77EC. It is available in versions supporting 24p and 1080/60p. Both the HDL-45E and HDL-51 include image flip capability for use in 3-D rigs. 

For gyro platform use in helicopters and other applications, Ikegami offers the HDL-F30, a two-piece HD camera with separate optics, essentially a direct replacement for the prior generation SDTV separate optics camera. Also available is a one-piece CMOS camera with extremely shallow depth behind the lens for gyro use, the HDL-F50. 

Broadcast Grade Digital Displays from PLEDCO

PLEDCO Broadcast Series Indoor, our SMD (3-in-1) LED Technology Indoor Displays, offers customizable and high quality LED display for your indoor facility. PLEDCO Broadcast Series Indoor features supreme evenness and thinness, provides best viewing effect and easy installation.

High refresh rate is offered to guarantee constant and perfect image display. The Broadcast Series Indoor displays are very flexible and allow you to choose any ratio, shape and resolution you want. Looking for a LED display with stunning colors and high-resolution image? The Pledco Broadcast Series Indoor is the answer to your needs.