Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ideal Systems Booth (#37&38) Overview at the ABU Digital Symposium 2014

Ideal Systems Booth (#37&38) 
Overview at the ABU Digital Symposium 2014

Ideal Systems will be showcasing the complete SoftCast ecosystem with an on booth demonstration of SoftCast’s new 4K workflow, from ingest to MAM and editing to automation and playout.  See diagram below of SoftCast ecosystem modules.  More info at


Ideal will be showcasing the “3 Screen” broadcast facility system form Evertz that consists of Mediator for Media asset management, automation and playout, VUE for control and VistaLink Pro for monitoring.


The unique Mediator content management and workflow platform, with its integrated Playtime multichannel playout and MAGNUM unified control options, provides efficient tools to re-purpose and deliver multi-format content.

Web browser based user interfaces for PC and Mac now extend the workforce and can distribute operations to increase productivity as never before. Streamlined operations in library management ingest and QC through to compliance, promotions management and approvals helps talent across the business work together. By bringing the content and metadata closer to every user, Mediator's unique desktop user experience with multi-format browse, advanced search tools and proven workflow, enables rapid expansion in playout and publishing.

Mediator has the power to manage complex content at a component level throughout its lifecycle. Mediator can track and manage the thousands of video, audio, graphics and subtitle assets required for any size of system. By enabling business priorities such as scheduling and traffic to control complex content delivery, Mediator offers the most flexible and efficient workflow.

Benefits of Mediator

  • Prioritise and deliver large volumes of complex content more efficiently 
  • Migrate video libraries to the digital domain with maximum throughput 
  • Highly scalable for rapid, managed expansion 
  • Desktop search and browse brings content and metadata closer to every user 
  • Integration with third party channel management systems to match business priorities 
  • Efficient use of third party hardware devices

VUE is a user customizable graphical application that visually unifies the MAGNUM control experience. VUE provides flexible and reliable control across all areas of broadcast operations from one user-friendly, touch screen interface. VUE improves productivity and cost efficiency by enabling a single operator to manage an entire broadcasting infrastructure and operation, from content creation to distribution.

VUE enables users to integrate the control of routing systems, multi-viewers, branding engines, master control, terminal equipment, and much more. Using the built in widget layout and configuration engine enables users to create a customized workspace, deciding how much or how little they wish to control and see from a single view.

VUE Features

  • Multiple system control widgets
  • MAGNUM interfacing
  • Evertz Multiviewers
  • Master Control
  • Evertz SNMP enabled devices
  • Mediator Control of EMS Ingest and Playout widgets
  • Mediator Playtime Channel Override controls for ORT
  • User customizable soft control interface
  • Touch screen and multi-gesture interaction
  • Centralized Control Surface using multiple system control widgets

VistaLINK® PRO is Evertz complete NMS/EMS management solution. VistaLINK® PRO unifies the management and monitoring of all Evertz devices for any application. Through intuitive GUI options and user customizable dashboard interfaces, VistaLINK® PRO provides a complete and comprehensive element management and network monitoring system. The real "plus" of SNMP is its simplicity. Through VistaLINK®, thousands of network nodes are monitored and configured world-wide via SNMP. VistaLINK® PRO and VistaLINK® PRO PLUS unite all SNMP-based equipment from Evertz and beyond, providing monitoring & configuration capabilities for your mission critical needs. VistaLINK® is the industry's most complete & comprehensive SNMP-based signal monitoring & equipment configuration solution available.

Features include equipment configuration, setup & monitoring Managed element health status & link monitoring, discrete signal monitoring, multi-wall display monitoring and monitoring-by-exception and root cause analysis solutions. With effective and simple-to-use graphics, unparalleled drill-down information, external notification tools, and an efficient network architecture of SNMP based managed elements, VistaLINK® PRO PLUS provides you with all the details.


Ideal will also be showcasing Elemental Technologies on the Booth.
Elemental Technologies empowers pay TV operators, content programmers and broadcasters to perfect the media experience. Customers deploy Elemental products as powerful and cost-effective video processing solutions for instantaneous and ubiquitous access to professional video content on any screen, anytime - all at once.

As the leading supplier of video processing solutions for multiscreen content delivery, Elemental brings streaming video to TVs, PCs, tablets and mobile devices. Our customers achieve unprecedented transcoding and encoding speed, performance and economies of scale derived from a unique combination of patented software and off-the-shelf hardware.

Ideal Systems has provided Elemental solutions to a number of customers including MediaCorp’s OneNet and SingTel in Singapore. On the booth we will have a demo of the Elemental live encoder for OTT. See diagram below.


Also on the booth at ABU Ideal will have two demo from Emotion Systems, the first demo will be Emotion’s software for loudness compliance in file-based workflows and the 2nd being file based Audio track re-mapping.

Loudness software for loudness compliance in file-based workflows

As part of a suite of audio tools, eFF can apply file-based loudness compliance or CALM Act compliance to files and file-based workflows quickly and easily. eFF directly opens a wide range of media files including MXF, QuickTime, WAV, DPP, AIFF, LXF, P2, analyses the audio contained within them and performs loudness normalisation and True Peak compliance – more efficiently than dedicated WAV loudness software. Highly engineered algorithms ensure precise adjustment whilst preserving valuable creative content.

Support for a wide range of media files means that loudness problems can be addressed and loudness compliance can be applied quickly and simply. eFF can also include full loudness compliance for Dolby® E audio encoded content.

All worldwide loudness compliance standards supported including – EBU R128, ATSC A-85, OP-59, BS 1770 -1/2/3, BS 1771, TRB-32, Leq(A), AGCOM 219/09/CSP

Audio track re-mapping, audio track replication, audio re-work and repair in media files

eRAP is part of the audio tools suite from Emotion Systems and it offers fast and efficient manipulation of audio tracks within a media file.

Remap audio tracks and replicate audio tracks within MXF or QuickTime files to create the output audio track layout required, whatever the layout of the input file. Works substantially faster than real-time and is easier and quicker than using a video edit suite or audio workstation. Create a standard output file format from any input file format.

Also, extract WAV audio files from MXF and QuickTime media files at speeds much faster than real-time. Unlike tape, it is time-consuming to extract the audio from a media file for re-work or repair. eRAP addresses this need quickly and easily. Select the media file that you want to unwrap and eRAP delivers you the audio content within a WAV file ready to be used by an audio editor. Once completed, eRAP will rewrap the audio file back into the media file.